About Me

My name is Lory-Ann Granada (yes it was with ” – “) and everyone calls me Ann and I am a newbie Filipina Blogger. I’m 23 years old and I love doing and trying different stuff, so I guess that is why I’m doing this blog, to try and definitely sharing thoughts and idea to everyone. So it means this blog is try lang 🙂 But I hope this will run for a long time. Syempre!!! 


This blog is about my everyday life, my baby, my travel (gala), my foods and recipes, my crafts at kung ano-ano pa na trip ko lang isulat. And yes as you can see this blog is taglish (Tagalog-English) ang hirap kaya mag blog ng purong English hahaha!!! And I think this blog will be more helpful if I’m doing it this way. Ang hirap naman kasi magpaka trying hard and well I’m not a good English speaker din naman, so casual lang tayo for more lighter communication 😁

What’s more about me? I’m a mommy to a 3 month old cute baboy baby girl, I am a house-girlfriend 😂, I’m a blogger (yes naman hahahaha), I am a crafty person and love DIY’s, I also love movies, TV Series and YES a GOT Fanatic also. I am frustrated traveler din and an adrenaline junkie sometimes. And I am so matakaw “I love food trips and cooking” 😂. And what I’m doing for living? Well I am working as a home-based social media specialist, virtual assistant, data encoder, lead generator, researcher and I’m also working to a dating site as their community manager here in Philippines. 😇

And lastly for every readers who will visit my blog, I hope ma-enjoy ninyo tong blog ko become helpful and informative to everyone, and I’m open for every suggestion and questions, yung kaya ko lang sagutin ha!nyahaha 😂.But I will always try my best to answer and grant your wishes.

– Ann 😉