The Buntis Story – Month by Month Pregnancy Development (1st Trimester)

Greetings to everyone!

To be a mother is every woman’s dream but become pregnant starts anxiety, worries and questions in our head, that is why I decided to share my experience when I was pregnant. Disclaimer muna tayo ah. Story ko to ng pagbubuntis di po lahat parepareho ang nararanasan sa pagbubuntis. I just want to share mine 🙂


My First Month (Surprise!!!)

At first I wasn’t thinking that I am pregnant though I was 20 days delay on my period, which is normal on my cycle because I have irregular menstruation cycle. I don’t feel any signs like morning sickness or dizziness but I do feel hyper-acidity and always feel hungry, ahahaha pero normal lang sken ang laging gutom 😂. But since 20 days of being delayed in my period was the longest delay I experienced so I decided to take pregnancy test.

a life and everything monthly  pregnancy US (1)
Yeah!!! Its Positive!!!

 I can not believe!!! kaya 3x talaga ako nag test. How can I believe? I was in a long-term relationship, 8 years to be exact at that time. I wasn’t become pregnant for that long and were not using any protection. So I did really feel blessed when I found out!

Syempre I scheduled myself for a prenatal check up. Always remember, this is really important. So I went to United Doctor Medical Center in Welcome Rotonda Quezon City and my doctor is Maria Eleanor N. Bizares. M.D, FPOGS she’s highly recommended, she’s nice, an excellent doctor (I can say that because not only me, ang dami talaga nagpapacheck-up sa knya) she really cares (pwede kang magtext anytime sa knya even midnight and she really answer any question with no delays) and most of all she gave discount on her professional fee. Her clinic room is in the 9th floor room 954, and everyday open yung clinic nya 🙂

a life and everything monthly  pregnancy US (2)

So my doctor gave me a request for a sonogram, and I found out that I was already 6 weeks pregnant. See that black circle in the middle? that’s the embryo.

I took prenatal vitamins:

  • OB Smart (1 capsule/day)
  • Folicard B-Plus (1 capsule/day)
  • Duvadilan (for lower abdominal pain, took 3x a day every after meal)
  • Enfamama Prenatal Milk (2 glass a day)

1st Month Baby’s Development

  • The embryo was already formed.
  • It was size as poppy seeds
  • The yolk sac produces red blood cells and nutrients for your baby.
  • The placenta and umbilical cord are already at work

First Month Summary

  • 20 days missed period
  • no usual pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and dizziness
  • felt hyper-acidity and  always hungry


My Second Month (The First Symptoms) 

On my second month of pregnancy, everything is still pretty normal but I gained 10lbs. from 100lbs. to 110 lbs. Still no morning sickness but I did feel occasional dizziness, my tummy is still flat, but my hyper-acidity comes worst, that leads to my doctor to prescribe me to take Gaviscon Liquid every time I feel it. a life and everything monthly pregnancy (1) I also suffer fever and colds in my second month of pregnancy and for that, I use Muconase Nasal Spray for colds 2x spray each nostril 3x a day, and Biogesic for fever. And I still continue prenatal vitamins and milk.



2nd Month Baby’s Development

  • Measures about 1.6cm
  • Her nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another.
  • The hands and feet are started to recognize.
  • Her eyes and taste buds are forming on her tongue.

Second Month Summary

  • Gained 10lbs. (100lbs. to 110lbs.)
  • Occasional Dizziness
  • Hyper-acidity
  • Got fever and colds
  • Took Gaviscon Liquid for hyper-acidity
  • Took Muconase Nasal Spray for Colds
  • Continue prenatal vitamins and milk.


My Third Month (Ang Paglilihi)

In this month I started my carvings. I have cravings for sweet apples dipped in shrimp paste (bagoong) I ate a lot, a lot of this. I still feel the dizziness and more often than last month the hyper-acidity was more painful and I always feel drowsy and take more sleep than last month. I often feel bad and tired and my doctors said na maselan ang paglilihi ko. My tummy measures 13 cm, but I don’t gain any weight in spite of eating a lot than before I became pregnant. a life and everything monthly  pregnancy US (3)

3rd Month Baby’s Development

  • Baby’s reflexes are improved.
  • Baby’s face is beginning to look more human.
  • Her liver is making bile and her kidneys are secreting urine into her bladder.
  • Her tiny fingerprints are now developed.
  • See 13 weeks baby’s movement inside my womb here.

a life and everything monthly pregnancy (2)


Third Month Summary

  • cravings are started (paglilihi)
  • more often dizziness
  • more painful hyper-acidity
  • drowsiness
  • tummy fundal height to 13 cm
  • Continues prenatal vitamins and milk





The first trimester of my pregnancy was a mixed emotion experience. Gulat, saya, excitement, pagka-kaba ang naramdaman ko, it was never easy especially my body starts adjusting for the baby’s growth but it was part of motherhood and I felt very happy that I have experienced this already.

To all readers that soon to be a mommy and in their 1st trimester I advised you all to be happy and avoid stress in thinking so much about your pregnancy, enjoy the whole term and perks of being pregnant this will help you and your baby’s development. Happy mommy = Happy baby 🙂

And for the second part of my Buntis Story stay tuned 😉

I hope you enjoyed the first part! Thanks!


Second Part : The Buntis Story – Month by Month Pregnancy Development (2nd Trimester)








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