7 Reasons why Harley Quinn is the best character of ‘Suicide Squad’ + Movie Lines

Hi to all readers!!!

I watched Suicide Squad!!!! And I want to share my thoughts about Harley Quinn my favorite character in the movie. Also, I have some of my favorite lines from her in the movie. 🙂

a life and everything harley quinn (4)

  • She is very pretty and has a really hottie body.
    • Monster T: You’re a lucky man. Got a bad bitch.
      The Joker: Oh, that she is. The fire in my loins. The itch in my crotch. The one, the only, the infamous Harley Quinn!
      [whistles for Harley]
  • She is very funny.
    • Harley Quinn: [to Katana] Love your perfume. What is that, Stench of Death?
  • But not annoying.
    • Harley Quinn: What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said.
  • She have a remarkable looks.
    • [Harley Quinn changes her clothes in public]
      Harley Quinn: [sees everyone staring at her] What?
  • She’s a psychiatrist to psychopath.
    • The Joker: Dr. Quinzel. I live for these moments with you. What have you got?
      Harley Quinn: I got your kitty.
      The Joker: So thoughtful.
      The Joker: There is something you could do for me, doctor.
      Harley Quinn: Anything. I mean, yeah.
      The Joker: I need a machine gun.
      Harley Quinn: A machine gun?
  • But she exactly knows what she is!
    • [Harley smashes a shop window]
      Rick Flagg: Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?
      Harley Quinn: [takes a purse] We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.
  • And she has the most devoted heart. (To Joker)
    • The Joker: Would you die for me?
      Harley Quinn: Yes
      The Joker: No, no, no. That’s too easy… Would you live for me?
      Harley Quinn: Yes
      The Joker: Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly. Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power.
      The Joker: You want this?
      Harley Quinn: I do.       


  • I love the way she calls Joker 🙂
    • The Joker: Ooh, come to daddy.
      Harley Quinn: Puddin!  ❤  


That’s all readers!!! I hope this didn’t spoil you ahahahahaha!!!!


– Ann 😉




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